3on3 Tournament Info


3on3 Platform NOW OPEN for all AAU Membership

  • 2020 Dates

August 22-23 State Invitationals
August 29-30 State Invitationals
September 5-6 State Invitationals
September 12-13 State Invitationals

September 19-20 State Championships

  • ★★★ September 26-27 National Championships ★★★
Competition Divisions

The AAU will hold competitions in the following basketball divisions:

– Grade 3rd – 4th

Junior – Grade 5th – 8th
Senior – Grade 9th – 10th
National – Grade 11th – 12th

Divisions Level of Play Per Grade
National – A group of highly experienced and competitive player.
Regional – A group of experienced players who’ve played together before.
Local – A group of players who’ve played together before and put on a team for 3on3 competition.
Recreational – A group of players put on a team for 3on3 competition. 


Teams must participate in a State Invitational to qualify to play in their State Championship.

*Teams can participate in their State Championship IF there are no scheduled State Invitationals for this state.

Teams must attend their State Championship to participate in the National Championship.

*IF a State, District or Conference event is not scheduled in your state or region you may AUTOMATICALLY attend the Nationals.

All players and coaches/administrators must have a valid AAU membership.

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