3 on 3 National Championship

3 on 3 AAU Girls Basketball Tournament
National Championship

2020 National Championship

Tournament National Championship
September 26-27, 2020

Court 615 (Formerly A-Game)
215 Gothic Court, Suite 105
Franklin, TN 37067

3rd - 11th

National Division 3on3AAU Championship Team now earns spot at 2020 USA Basketball U18 3x3 finals

The excitement around the inaugural AAU Girls Basketball 3on3 platform just got bigger as the National Division winning team will advance to the 2020 USA Basketball U18 3×3 event next April in Colorado Spring, CO.
The AAU Girls Basketball Committee has been invited to select one of their winning teams to represent the AAU in the annual U18 3×3 tournament in Colorado Springs. The AAU National Division winning team and all participants have the opportunity to represent the United States in the FIBA U18 3X World Championships. The USAB 3X3 committee selected the top four players form all competing teams to represent the USA.
The United States is the defending FIBA U18 3×3 champions after winning the gold medal in Mongolia last June.
The AAU will be one of six organizations to send teams to the U18 3X3 Championships in Colorado Springs which fields brackets of 12 to 16 teams. 
The AAU Girls Basketball Committee will help support the winning National 3on3AAU Team in their quest to reach the finals next April. The AAU GBC will cover player air to Denver, CO and hotels in Colorado Springs for the event. All local transportation and meals will be covered by the players.

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