Here is as opportunity for young players to work on skills and compete at a higher level while preparing for their school ball season and their 5 on 5 AAU season. This is your one stop site where you can view all the events in any state, your AAU State Director is your main contact and their information is on their specific page. On this page, you can register for an event, fill out your roster and follow the results of your events and results of all State’s events. All you need is an AAU membership and you are good to go!

How to Participate in the 3on3 AAU Basketball Tournaments

Participate in AAU 3on3 competitions you will need the following:

  1. An Adult Coach registered with the AAU
  2. Four to Five Players that will be your team registered with AAU Cards
  3. Create Your Team
  4. Create Your Roster

Once you have completed all of the 4 steps you can now select where and at what level you wish to participate in the fall AAU 3on3 Events.

Click on the STEPS to get started!

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